The camera controller integrates with the SD or HD Functional Block Cameras for indoor and outdoor usage intended for broadcast systems, surveillance, security systems, medical systems, machine vision and robot vision. The camera controller is designed to control all that is needed to operate every camera function (i.e. zoom, focus, gain, freeze, etc.) for any FCB type of camera. The unit can be operated with a DC power ranging from 9V to 40V. The camera controller also supplies power to the block module.



  • For use with HD Sony FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV7200, FCB-EH7500
  • Works on DC power ranging from 9 to 40V, can power up the camera block
  • The unit offers basic connectors, custom connectors available
  • Controls camera functions such as zoom, focus, gain, and white balance
  • Integrated switch with a controller board for selection of functions
  • Works with RS-232 and TTL logic level


  • Camera controller board
  • 2-pin free end cable
  • Serial connecting cable