The AN231E04 dpASP Dynamically Reconfigurable Analog Signal Processor is ideally suited to signal conditioning, filtering, gain, rectification, summing, subtracting, multiplying, etc. The device also accommodates nonlinear functions such as sensor response linearization and arbitrary waveform synthesis. The AN231E04 operates from a 3.3volt power supply, consumes less current.



  • Fully differential switched capacitor with analog switch fabric.
  • Offset nulling, an internal routine started by a configuration command from a host microprocessor and available at any time.
  • All internal OpAmps input offset voltages can be reduced from a few milli-volts to less than 250 micro-volts, the routine will temporarily break any existing signal paths for a period of 70msec (assuming a 16MHz ACLK). By default, this auto-nulling routine is added into all primary configurations.
  • Complex I/O cells employ an uncommitted differential Amplifier which can be accessed by the user and wired using an external component to perform a variety of functions e.g. buffering, level shifting, filtering (Rauch topology) for either input or output signals, alternatively this I/O cell can be used for sample and hold, gain, bypass wiring or digital I/O.
  • Size and power have been reduced dramatically, the device power consumption is now typically 125mW and the device is packaged in a 7x7x0.85mm QFN package. (RoHS compliant).
  • Additionally, dynamic control features have been added to allow easy control of the circuit update (re-configuration) and monitoring using digital pins.
  • With dynamic reconfigurability, you can program the AN231E04 to implement multiple analog functions and/or to adapt 'on-the-fly' to maintain precision operation despite system degradation and aging.