Field Programmable Analog Array – FPAA:

Field programmable analog arrays give you an analog equivalent to the FPGA, allowing you to design complex analog signal and processing functions into an integrated, drift-free, pre-tested device.

FPAAs provide the following features:

FPAAs are statically reconfigurable devices that share the same input/output structure as our dpASP range. These devices require a reset before loading a new configuration.

  • Fully differential architecture with switched capacitor technology.
  • Drag and drop EDA tool (AnadigmDesigner®2)
  • Pre-Built analog functions (CAM - Configurable Analog Modules)
  • AnadigmAssistant™ tools automate the design of complex analog applications.
    • Anadigm Filter tool
    • Anadigm PID tool
  • Generic automated C – Code generation
  • Bandwidth : DC to 2 MHz
  • SNR: up to 90 dB(Broadband) , up to 120 dB(Narrowband)
  • Built in single-ended to differential and differential to single ended converters.
  • Built-in input/output features include chopper amplifier for low-offset signal and anti-aliasing/supporting filters

Three different Anadigm FPAA options, each with a distinct feature set: