Dynamically Programmable Analog Signal Processor - dpASP:

Anadigm’s dpASPs provides the dynamic reconfiguration features which will enables the designer to change the analog functions of the real-time system on the fly using microcontroller/processor. It can be useful in such application requires true analog processing in signal conditioning, filtering, data acquisition, and closed-loop control.

Designer can construct complex analog functions using configurable analog modules (CAMs) as building blocks in AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, the design process can be implemented and tested in minutes.

Anadigm dpASPs provide the following features:

  • Dynamically reconfigurable device(3.3V and 5V devices).
  • Fully differential architecture with switched capacitor technology.
  • AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA Tool.
  • Pre-Built analog functions (Configurable Analog Modules).
  • Anadigm Assistant™ tools automate design of complex analog applications.
    • AnadigmFilter Tool
    • AnadigmPID Tool
  • Generic Automated C code Generation.
  • Bandwidth: DC to 2 MHz
  • SNR: up to 90 dB(Broadband ) , up to 120 dB( Narrowband)
  • Built-in Single-ended to differential and differential converters
  • Built-in input/output features include chopper amplifier for low-offset signal and anti-aliasing/supporting filters

Anadigm dpASP devices, each with a distinct feature set:

· AN231E04

· AN221E04

· AN220E04